Typos Galore.

Have y’all noticed this? Every third or fourth post I see on Facebook from professional companies and organizations has some sort of egregious, lazy typo in it that could have been prevented by having literally ONE more person look at their work.

I fully recognize that I am a total geek for the English language given my career and given my time on social media platforms, I will likely see more of these transgressions than the average person. But the fact that any size company or organization cannot or will not send their posts, eblasts, or graphics through another set of eyes is beginning to flabbergast me.

A client and good friend just got some print work done and when they got their work back, turns out no one tested the QR code, and the link was incorrect. A significant amount of money was wasted when they had to chuck them all and get new pieces printed. They are on a tight budget as a new company and didn’t really have that to throw away. I told them (tongue-in-cheek) that it is absolutely free to send me anything they have, as a client or a friend or a stranger, whenever they want, for an extra set of eyes. We had a laugh and agreed that this was a lesson learned.

But it’s literally that simple. It doesn’t have to be me or even a marketing person.

Good grammar and proper use of the English language are the easiest but most powerful tools to project integrity and CREDIBILITY about your business when it comes to marketing. If a company isn’t going to give attention to detail in a simple post or eblast, what makes you think they will take time to take care of you as a customer down the road?

A London-based digital agency surveyed 1,003 social media users and found that 42.5% reported they would be influenced not to purchase goods or services by spelling mistakes. Don’t land your business or organization in that percentage.

And hey – I get it. You may be a great CPA, plumber, or car detailer and grammar was never your thing. THAT IS OK. Accounting and plumbing and detailing cars aren’t mine. It takes all kinds and I am grateful for that. This is why companies like Bespoke, or even friends who just want to help, can be SO valuable when it comes to your marketing efforts. If you feel like we could be of help, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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