Ashleigh McHenry:
Marketing Maven

My unique experience over two decades in marketing, from the largest media firms and professional sports franchises in the world, has showcased my capacity to create, execute, adapt and finalize marketing projects and initiatives with positive energy and a mindset that is always willing to learn. My objective with any client is to use my 20+ years of experience to proactively engage and collaborate with others in a creative setting, integrating the strengths of many departments and teammates as we work towards a common goal.



  • Generated strategy and incentives for a positive work environment to benefit team and customers day to day
  • Created teamwork and competition to ultimately boost awareness, results and profits in special events
  • Collaborated daily between various departments within a large corporation
  • Adhered to deadlines for dependable, impactful marketing vehicles for weekly, monthly and yearly publication creation
  • Spearheaded several complicated, large-scale website refresh projects


  • Developed, completed and distributed weekly and monthly publications including graphic design, copywriting, and advertising sales and design, with adhesion to strict deadlines, as well as planning, advertising sales, copywriting, execution, proofing, print and distribution of 100+ page yearly publication
  • Engineered video and interactive webinar campaigns to educate, connect and engage the community through COVID, hurricanes and other important events
  • Wrote, posted, edited and provided attestation with diligent attention to federal compliance requirements
  • Executed cost-effective and time-effective marketing projects, from grassroots initiatives to expansive video productions
  • Create, maintained and grew 4 web and social media presences for a large media conglomerate
  • Scheduled and reported all social media activity, concentrating on reputation management and value


  • Cohosted multiple morning radio shows in large markets including Jim Mantel and the Morning Crew and TJ and the Morning Crew
  • Engineered a plethora of podcasts, commercials, video magazines and other multimedia productions for several entities
  • Copywrote and copy edited for digital and print
  • Spoke and performed in front of large groups
  • Orchestrated public relations efforts for large and small companies alike


  • Increased membership by 25% and fundraised hundreds of thousands of dollars through special event planning
  • Cultivated significant social media presence for each respective employer year over year
  • Reported on digital metrics revealing extensive engagement growth through consistent and quality marketing efforts including event promotion and contesting, video campaigns, human interest, blogging, local news and cross-promotion


  • Content and Graphics Creation and Aggregation: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Audition and Premiere), Canva and WordPress.  Additionally, was the photographer for many events, concerts and initiatives
  • Well-versed on most social media platforms and their business applications
  • Scheduling and marketing automation on a plethora of platforms
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Power Point, Excel, etc.)
  • G Suite / One Drive / Sharepoint
  • Customer service, technical support and trade show experience
  • Metrics reporting through Google Analytics, Hootsuite and other proprietary platforms
  • Connecting people and concepts to work together


  • Achieving my childhood goal of being a radio on-air personality
  • Building the first ever website for a top 15 radio market station in 1999
  • Starting all social media for various large media brands in print, radio and television
  • Feeding thousands of food insecure neighbors with my work at the Food Bank
  • Connecting business owners with valuable resources to grow their profits
  • My daughter, Charlie, and being the best mom I can be
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